Apostle Ann Abbott


Apostle Ann Abbott is the Senior Pastor of PHM Tilburg, and a respected spiritual leader and dynamic speaker who carries the fire of God. Learning from her own mistakes she uses her experiences and the Word of God as a basis for her preaching.  Her life proved to be a testimony of God‘s process of renewal and transformation and so she encourages everyone to deepen the relationship with God and to arise to the divine calling and destiny.

Apostle Ann Abbott was brought up in a Foster home with Christian-based principles till the age of 11 only to be reunited with her mother who  was not a believer at that time. She lost sight of God‘s path during her teenage years,  but even during this tumultuous  season in her life she had numerous encounters and dreams where God would speak to her even times when she would have a vision of the glory of God and outer body experience through the Holy Spirit.

In her former church Apostle Ann went through intensive leadership training where she was placed as the head of the business network team and used for follow-up counselling preaching and homes -cell-groups opening up her house for intercessory prayer groups. Later she opened up a Christian bookstore Women of Faith together with Apostle Paulette this was truly a leap of faith!  Without substantial funds relying only on the word of God they were able to hold this venture for three years not necessarily the profit but winning souls for Christ was the main focus. Until the Lord spoke to Apostle Ann and Apostle Paulette that he had bigger plans, a vision of Isaiah 61 from where the powerhouse ministries was birthed out. Becoming an elder first in the church God prepared her for what was to come.

In the course of a little over three years,  Powerhouse Ministries became one of the fastest growing churches in the region with over 200 members attending 2011 the foundation was laid for Powerhouse Ministries in a new city Tilburg and was established in 2012 where Apostle Ann Abbott was placed as Senior Pastor it was during this time that God called her in full-time ministry as Pastor.

Apostle Ann Abbott is honoured to be married to Ldr. James Abbott and together they raised three children Rakiem, Maleek and Caprice.

Apostle Ann Abbott after hearing the voice of God was sent to the United Kingdom to preach the Word and in March 2019 became the visionary and the founder of Powerhouse Ministry Birmingham.

Stay blessed, Apostle Ann